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From the back of the book:

The Old World Must be Destroyed...
"Cast as monsters, villains and rogues, the novas of the Teragen are hated by Project Utopia, vilified by the media and worshipped by misfits, outcasts and rebels everywhere. Led by the powerful and charismatic Divis Mal, the Teragen seeks to create a new Eden for the Quantum born. But there can be no salvation without sacrifice. Once the Teragen deals with the fragile and unfit baselines, a bold new civilization of novas will blossom in their place."
...Before the New One is Created.
"Aberrant:Teragen contains the history of the movement Utopia loves to hate and the deviant personalities that drive it. It's also brimming with new powers, including the strange techniques used by Terats to deal with Taint. Are you nova enough to learn the secrets of the One Race?"

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