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Aberrant: Brainwaves was to be the second of three proposed "Mega-Books" exploring Mega-Attributes. Each of the Mega-Books would also shed light on some other element of the Aberrant setting.

Brainwaves was slated to explore the ramifications of Mental Mega-Attributes as well as provide comprehensive rules for "gadgeteers," novas who use their vast minds to create powerful devices.

Background Information

  • Brainwaves was mostly complete, but had not yet been developed by the time the Aberrant line had been cancelled. The author, Steve Kenson, placed the book's manuscript online for free following the announcement of Aberrant's demise. The book can be found here.
  • N! Prime used the manuscript to create an ebook in the style of the official books, which can be downloaded as a PDF here.
  • The first Mega-Attribute book, Aberrant: Cult of Personality was to address Mega-Social Attributes and also looked at the phenomenon of nova-led cults. It was complete and waiting for art at the time of Aberrant's cancellation. The third and final Mega-Book, tentatively titled Aberrant: Brute Force, dealt with Physical Mega-Attributes and provided background and rules on municipal defenders, novas who take up employment with cities to act as crime fighters/public relations operatives.


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