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Aberrant is a posthuman/superhero roleplaying game, and is the middle game in the Trinity Universe trilogy. Referred to as both the Aberrant Era and the Nova Age, Aberrant is a superpowers game set in the early 21st century. Novas, the protagonists of the game, are used as a metaphor for modern celebrities.

In 2012, Onyx Path Publishing purchased the full rights to the Trinity Universe, and in 2021 released their own new edition, titled Trinity Continuum: Aberrant.

As it is no longer a White Wolf product, new releases post-2012 will be covered on
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Back Story

In the Aberrant timeline, in 1998 the space station Galatea exploded in space. As most people figure it, radiation fallout from the explosion somehow caused various people around the world to erupt as novas, individuals with the ability to manipulate the four universal Quantum forces.


Unlike other White Wolf games, Aberrant doesn't exactly have any distinct splats. Instead, it has several loose allegiances to which one can belong.

  • Aberrants, a small, relatively new group (as of May 2008) of novas who are trying to expose the corruption inside Project Utopia.
  • Project Utopia, an organization founded by the Æon Society to study and to help novas.
    • Team Tomorrow, a series of "super teams" created by Project Utopia to help demonstrate the epitome of Utopian ideals.
    • Project Proteus, a secret group within Project Utopia whose agenda is the study and control of the "nova" phenomenon by any means necessary.
  • The Teragen, a group of novas who believe that they are as far above humanity as humans are above apes, and should not be held accountable by human law.
  • The Directive, a secretive multi-national government agency who stand as humanity's self-appointed protectors against "novas", whom they consider a growing threat.
  • Corporate/Government/Other, are those individuals who are affiliated with a Corporation, a Government or the individual is part of a group that is not listed above.
  • Independents, are the individuals who have no greater allegiance than themselves.

Various other minor allegiances exists, with regional agendas or common goals around the world.

Game Mechanics

Although all novas can manipulate Quantum energy through their Mazarin-Rashoud node, some also suffer from a condition called Taint which makes novas seem less and less human as they gain aberrations. Each nova can gains a set of Quantum powers and/or Mega-Attributes depending on how the nova is to be played. If the listed Quantum powers are not exactly to the Player's or Storyteller's needs, they can be tailored using Extras.

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