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A World of Darkness Second Edition is a sourcebook for the World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Do you dare to explore the hidden reaches of the World of Darkness? Venture into those forbidden regions where even vampires fear to tread. Glide through the elegant salons of Europe's elders and trek through the depths of the Dark Continent. Lose yourself in Peking's Forbidden City and find what waits at the headwaters of the Amazon. A World of Darkness Second Edition updates previously published information and offers all-new details on the setting of all the Storyteller games.
A World of Darkness Second Edition includes:
  • Vastly expanded information - nearly the entirely world is covered.
  • Details on previously uncovered regions, including Africa and China.
  • Information on cities important to vampires, including New York City, Rio and Sydney.


Chapter One: Home of the Brave: North America by NightEdit

Written by Richard Dansky.

Chapter Two: The Caribbean In DarknessEdit

Written by Ben Chessell and Alex Hammond.

Chapter Three: El Baile De Sangre: Central and South AmericaEdit

Written by James Moore.

Chapter Four: The British IslesEdit

Written by Graeme Davis.

Chapter Five: Tales of the Old Country: Europe by NightEdit

Written by Deena McKinney.

Chapter Six: Desert Winds: Arabia by NightEdit

Written by Lucien Soulban.

Chapter Seven: The Forgotten Kingdom: EgyptEdit

Written by James Estes.

Chapter Eight: Africa: The Dark ContinentEdit

Written by Angel Leigh McCoy.

Chapter Nine: Strangers: The Kindred of AsiaEdit

Written by Mark Cenczyk.

Chapter Ten: Australia by NightEdit

Written by Richard Watts.

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