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A Night with Jack is an SAS for the Chronicles of Darkness. In it, players are beset upon by Spring-Heeled Jack, an unknown creature that delights in molesting females.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

A Night with Jack is a free one-scene SAS written by developer Eddy Webb for the 100th issue of Game Trade Magazine.
A new monster, Spring-Heeled Jack, is ready to be used in your World of Darkness chronicle, complete with character sheet, scene elements and a scene card to add to your SAS reference library.

Background Information

Memorable Quotes

“You’re a tasty little morsel, baby Dracula. Tell your friends you’ll be staying with me for a while, and they can have you back when I’m done with you.”

- Spring-Heeled Jack


Spring-Heeled Jack - The antagonist of the scenario.


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