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  • 966 BCE: Suleiman founds the city of Palmyra, in what is now central Syria, northeast of Damascus. It was to become a major trade centre at the junction of several trade routes.[1]
  • 965 BC: Suleiman becomes king of Israel; moves to consolidate power in the Lands of Faith by building a massive Temple in Jerusalem at the confluence of many Ley Lines, in accordance with Hermetic principles. This upsets the balance of power between humans and djinn in favor of humans.[7][8][5][9]
  • 950 BCE: Career of the archmagus Solomon, king of Israel. Solomon wrote three magickal texts, of which two (the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon survive in watered-down editions. The unabridged books later form the basis of the Order of Hermes.[10]
  • 928 BCE: Suleiman the Wise dies under mysterious circumstances.[1]


  • The Himalayan Wars are unclear in most respects: the start date, the end date, and the duration. Many sources disagree, even within the same text.


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