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The 10th century in the World of Darkness.


  • Sometime during this century, a Viking settlement is established somewhere on the island of Newfoundland, and a few Fenrir made the journey as well. Conflict quickly arose between the Fenrir and native Garou, and the settlement didn't last more than a few decades. Stories say that some of the Get remained and bred into native populations, giving rise to the Ymir's Sweat.[1]
  • Early 900s: An unknown Wyrm-mage uses a powerful fetish called the "Hunger Stone" to capture much of Falcon's brood (including Children of Karnak, Firebirds, and other Falcon spirits; the Great Flock is not among the captured), which he was going to sacrifice to his “dark masters”. The bulk of the Silver Fangs make a journey into the Umbra to find the lost spirits, descending into the third great circle of the Malfean spiral, called Peduratus, and find the spirits there. The combined forces of the Silver Fangs and the captured spirits manage to defeat the Black Spiral Dancers and Banes that try to prevent their escape. They escape, though many Silver Fangs die along the way.[2]
  • The Mayan Empire is in rapid decline at this point, though individual city states stay as local powers.[3]
  • The dwindling Brotherhood of the Rule, seeing their roads and cities being carved up as building materials for castles, decide they have had enough.[4]
  • Ibn Fadlan, on a journey across Europe, encounters some subhuman creatures. Later historians will identify them as Neanderthals.[7]


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