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  • 900 BCE-500 BCE: The Etruscan civilization.[1]
  • 800 BCE - 500 BCE: Growth of Greek city-states (e.g. Athens). Expansion of Congregational activities into Europe.[2]
  • 500 BCE-384 BCE: The Years of the Shroud, a period of the Himalayan Wars unable to be pierced by temporal scrying magic.[3]
  • 500 BCE - 300s AD: Mystery cults of the Classical World, such as the Orphic and Eleusinian mysteries, the cults of Isis and Mithraism, flourish throughout this period.[4]
  • The first Revenants are observed.[5]
  • Roman historian Hegesistatus escapes from leg manacles by cutting off his foot; later, he crafts a wooden replacement.[6][7]
  • Pythagoras dies. The Greek cult of Hermes is at its height in Athens; Socrates and most other Athenians are familiar with its ideas, and Plato is probably an initiate. Although he never Awakens, Plato's writings are very influential to the forming of the Greek magickal praxis. The cult of Hermes begins spreading to Rome, where Hermes is known as Mercury.[8]
  • Hindu concepts of the soul, karma and dharma are radically re-examined by spiritual teacher Siddhartha Guatama. He becomes known as the Buddha.[9]
  • Persia becomes the centre of the vast Achaemenid Empire which stretches from southeast Europe and north Africa in the west to India in the east, and from the Caucasus mountains and the Syr Darya river in the north to the Gulf of Oman in the south. The Taftâni are hailed as great mystics, warriors, and purveyors of Truth.[10]
  • The Sundering begins.[11]


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