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400s BCE
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Real life: 400s BCE

Chronicles of Darkness: 400s BCE

Age of Sorrows: 400s BRY

World of Darkness: 400s BCE

Trinity Universe: 400s BCE

The fifth century BCE in the World of Darkness.


  • Golden Age of Greek Science continues. Foundations for the Sunántese Daedaleas are laid. Western paradigm takes form.[1]
  • Golden Age of Chinese Science continues. Cosmic order dominates Chinese paradigm.[1]
  • Herodotus visits Babylon and reports that every woman in the city must spend a night in the "Temple of Aphrodite" atop Etemenanki to await a conjugal visit from Marduk. In truth, the resident priests use a "Sacred Marriage" ritual to activate the gate, giving the Void the strength to manifest.[3]


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