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3000s BCE
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The fourth millennium BCE in the World of Darkness.


3999 BCE - 3000 BCE

  • According to Werewolf: The Apocalypse Rulebook, roughly 3000 BCE is one of two possible times for the beginning of the Impergium; pages 14 and 200 describe it as being 3000 years long, but page 29 describes it as being 1000 years long, and that the Concord (which ended the Impergium) was reached around 2000 BCE. Therefore, the other potential time period for the Impergium to begin is around 5000 BCE – according to 1st Edition. Later editions of Werewolf will place the Impergium as beginning – and ending – far earlier than 1st Edition does.[2][3][4]
  • According to some Ratkin, 3000 BCE is the rough date at which the Garou reached the Concord, thus beginning the Age of Man.[5]
  • In the second half of this millennium, several cultures begin using tokens imprinted into clay for business transactions. The symbols were mostly pictographic so users of any language could understand. As the markings became more common, and as curved lines were hard to draw in clay, the lines became straighter and more abstract. Eventually, the first form of writing evolved.[6]
  • The first human settlements typified as "urban life" begin around this time.[7]

3800 BCE

  • Sumer's Uruk period starts at about this time.[6]
  • Babylonian tablet series named "The Day of Bel" is thought to have been written during this time, the reign of Sargon I, King of Agade.[8]

3500 BCE

  • Artisan-priests of Babylon discover sacred geometry and astrology.[9][10]
  • Neolithic Period in Britain: long barrows and stone circles are constructed. [11]
  • Legendary mystick Isis Samshen founds the Cult of Seshat.[12]

3200 BCE

  • 3200 BCE - 2900 BCE: Sumer's Jemdat Nast period, best described as an extension and decline of the Uruk period.[6]

3120 BCE

  • The latest Kali Yuga, or Age of Iron, begins, according to Buddhist and Hindu reckoning.[13]

3114 BCE

  • August 13: According to the Mayans, a "creation event" happens on this date. Their Long Count calendar counts the number of days from this date.[14][1] NOTE: The Long Count calendar begins counting from August 11th, not August 13.[15] We have let this stand as-is, assuming the Mayans did things slightly differently in the World of Darkness.

3102 BCE

  • February 18: At midnight during a new moon, a new Kali Yuga (the Age of Iron, or the Age of Darkness) begins. This age is supposedly the final one before the end of the universe, when the Brahma rests and Shiva closes his eyes.[16][17]

3100 BCE

3006 BCE

  • 3006 BCE: The True Brujah started preparing war against the false Brujah.[21]

3000 BCE

  • China's civilization is at least this old.[22] "Yellow Emperor" Huang Ti and Queen Lo Tsu found mystickal Chinese dynasties on geometry and astrology.[9]
  • Around this time, humanity acquires urban life and abstract mathematics.[23][24]
  • Forerunners of the Syndicate appear with the development of trade and economy.[25]
  • The dawn of Indian civilization. The cities of Harrapa and Mohenjodaro are founded on the Indus.[26]


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