2Right is a punk club and bar in London.

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Mary Crimson
Gone are the days when King's Road was the center of the punk suhcultute, but for a trip in time back to that era, try 2Right. Brightly colored mohawks and multiple piercings are still in style here, whatever the case may be outside its spray-painted firedoors. Slam dancing (as opposed to moshing. which is viewed by most of the regulars at 2Right as the "sissy version") is still all the rage, and the night isn't considered to have begun until there is blood on the floor. Fortunately, the drinks are stiff enough to keep anyone from noticing.

The place is run by a brother and sister, Mick and Mary Crimson. The two are easily recognizable by their bright crimson hair and by the fact that they seem to be younger than many of the patrons of their club. Changelings throughout Britain come to 2Right to dance, let their hair down and get to know two of the most colorful redcaps in London. The Young Ones from Highgate are frequent visitors; Mock in particular has taken a liking to the place.

An eshu wilder named Litonya keeps the drinks and stories flowing, despite the din of the music. A long-time roadie whose experiences belie her youthful appearance, Litonya claims to have toured with nearly every band that has played at 2Right. Even her most loyal customers know that her stories are just a clever ploy to keep people at the bar, but the stories are so good, no one seems to mind.

References Edit

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