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  • 4000 BCE-2800 BCE: Thanatoic and Ecstatic cults arise in India. The Akashic Brotherhood takes form in China and Tibet. Babylonian priest-scientists discover principles of geometry and astronomy, harnessing the power of mathematics and the heavens to the human will. Druidic priests and practitioners of magic raise Stonehenge in accordance with the movements of celestial bodies.[1][2] Although Stonehenge serves as a Cray, it is not itself a Cray. Rather it was erected by the Wyck as a "lens" over a natural upwelling of wild magick.
  • 2800 BCE-1100 BCE: Followers of science and magic explore the intricacies of their respective paths. Historical scientists include Imhotep and Daedalus. The Golden Age of Greek Magic encompasses the exploits of Orpheus and Medea. Moses and his brother Aaron lead the Israelites out of Egypt.[2]

References Edit

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