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Trinity Universe: 2112


  • Warren Shaw's Retrospective examines Norça Proxy Guiseppe del Fuego.[1]
  • Carlos Viminez writes in Journal an article entitled "Psions: Messiah or Menace?" He remarks that the public has been assured that psions are immune to Aberrant Syndrome, and yet the Chitra Bhanu order was supposedly purged because its psions fell victim to taint.[2]
  • The orbital station Esperanza is "launched" by the new European Commonwealth, led by Spain, Switzerland and the Northern Collective. The station is settled into the L1 Lagrange point.[3] The station is a shining symbol of the Commonwealth's re-entry into global affairs.[4][5]
  • Far Nyumba is settled by the UAN.[6][7]
  • Work is begun on the ISRAn orbital station Huruf al-Hayy.[8] The station is designed by William Kaige Miller, and is constructed entirely by ISRAns with the assistance of Upeo proxy Bolade Atwan and three of her lieutenants. The Æon Trinity conducts research and interviews, but is unable to determine the location of the station.[9]
  • This spring, the proxies assign delegates to work out the operational details of the Blight Project.[10] By the end of the year, research into the Blight Zone and construction of main Blight Project facility are well underway.[11]
  • The Federated States of America pass the Noetic Control Act.[12]
  • In Beirut, ten Legionnaires receive a half-dozen support staff less than a day after their arrest.[13]




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