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Trinity Universe: 2061


  • Synapse and Mungu "Backlash" Kuwasha, the latter maddened by Taint, battle within the OpNet for hours. Although Synapse manages to defeat Kuwasha, Kuwasha's death scream utterly destroys the OpNet and most systems to which it is connected, setting communications technology back 100 years. The Aberrant War is brought to a head.[1] Later scholars will only be aware of Kuwasha's involvement.[2][3][4][5][6][7] The European Union's economy is left in tatters.[8]
  • By this year, China has set the standard for space development, with several hundred orbital craft, three orbital stations and seven huge cruisers.[9]
  • The next nine years are known collectively as the Crash. Millions are dead, half of the world's arable lands are useless, the world's financial and ecological resources are drained, and the world economy collapses. Conflict erupts between nations. The Comm Crunch hits. The Urban Schism occurs. Orbital Expansion is attempted to revitalize the world.[10]



2060 2000s
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