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January Edit

  • January 7: Nippontai nova Denshi, while investigating an Osaka water-treatment facility after a possibly related incident, detects a small insectoid robot preparing to deliver a fatal neurotoxin into the city's water supply. He managed to disable it, but not before it self-destructed, destroying most of the evidence. Startlingly, some elements of the robot's construction as well as the neurotoxin were on Project Utopia's banned technologies list, and had been created by Japanese companies prior to their banning.[6]
  • January 29: Director Moses Miller sends a message to Director Thetis entitled "The Oswald Gambit is a go." Someone accessed the Internal Affairs files on Maurice Lourté through an unauthorized terminal. Whoever did it was a pro: the only reason they were aware of it was because they were watching for it.[7]

February Edit

March Edit

  • March 14: The New York Times features an editorial entitled, "The Final Frontier: It's Closer Than You Think." The article covers space-capable novas and the Daedelus League.[9]

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December Edit

  • December 10: Inspector Bart Chun, a member of the Sydney PD who works as a double-agent inside triads, is discovered to be a triple-agent, secretly working for the triads against the police.[24]

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