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The 3rd century in the Chronicles of Darkness.

Events Edit

  • Roman Emperor Aurelian sends 400,000 Goths and Persians to their deaths.[1]
  • The Egyptian-style pyramid in which Caius Cestius is buried becomes part of the Aurelian Wall of Rome.[2]
  • After a series of violent attacks on their membership, the Lancea et Sanctum break the last ties with the Peregrine Collegia. The Collegia is only too happy to let them go.[3]
  • During the dissolution of the Han Dynasty and subsequent Three Kingdoms period from 220-280 AD, the changelings of China split into three separate sets of Directional Courts, all waging war with one another. One set supports the Shu, a second the Wei, and a third, Wu. Interestingly, this shadow war is immediately put on hold at any time that the Huntsmen rear their heads.[4]

References Edit

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