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Events Edit

  • War between the Ikhwan al-Safa, the Judges, and the Knights of St.George erupts in the Middle East due to political tensions.[1]
  • The Red Question informs Montgomery Coven of the upcoming financial crash this year, which he uses to enrich his allies while bankrupting several prominent Ventrue. Simultaneously, Coven spreads word through several proxies exposing several Sabbat packs active in the city.[2]
  • The Protect America Act results in numerous vampires coming under government surveillance. A united offensive of CIA, NSA and the secret service of the Vatican result in the destruction of more than a thousand vampires worldwide.[3]
  • The next Umbral meeting of the Baruti is scheduled for this year.[4]


  • August 8: The Red Question sends a missive to the Camarilla Justicars: "We have noted your response to our pursuit of liberty, independence, and free will for all members of the Cainite race. Tomorrow, you shall have our rebuttal.".[5]
  • August 9: BNP Paribas, a prominent French banking concern, informs three hedge funds that they would not be permitted to withdraw funds due to “a complete evaporation of liquidity.”[5]

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