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  • Lambert Asani has assembled the rest of the "Six Heads" of his ironically named "Belgian National Congress." President Laurent Kabila is overthrown by the end of the month.[12]
  • March 18: Utopia announces that bioremedial bacteria recently introduced in the world's oceans, along with a large amount of physical cleanup, will restore the water quality of the world's oceans to pre-Industrial Revolution levels by 2006.[17]
  • March 29: The Russian Confederation rises from the political and economic chaos caused by the Moscow Crash of 1999. Russia's downward spiral reverses, albeit slowly, thanks to nova "economic savant" and Minister of the Treasury Vladimir Sierka. The reorganized Confederation ("RusCon" for short) consists of sovereign member states allied for purposes of economic strength and foreign relations. The Confederation has one currency, the ruble, and representations of each RusCon member-state vote on all foreign trade decisions. The Confederation retains its seat on the UN Security Council, but the member states are represented individually in the General Assembly. In effect, the RusCon functions somewhat like a cross between the European Union and the United States of America. Belarus president Andrei Srebrianski is officially elected the first Confederation president, but rumors continue in the press that Minister Sierka is the true leader of the RusCon.[17][19]

April Edit

  • Covert Action News reports on "Utopia's Real Agenda" in the London peace talks: to spy on Israel's (rumored) clandestine corps of novas, and to maintain its quasi-monopoly on organized nova force.[20]
  • From his new home in Madrid, Laurent Kabila formally announces his retirement as president of the Congo. Lambert Asani proclaims himself president and, like Joseph Mobutu before him, adopts the suffixname "Sesé Seko Kuko Ngbendu waza Banga" ("the almighty warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will, goes from conquest to conquest leaving fire in his wake").[12]

May Edit

  • May-November: Brushfire wars sweep through sub-Saharan West Africa, as Sierra Leone, Nigeria and the Sudan use nova mercenaries, dubbed "elites" by the press, to fight as proxies. While fewer than a dozen elites die in the conflicts, hundreds of civilians are killed as "collateral damage," and the political borders of Africa are redrawn several times throughout the months of conflict. Team Tomorrow takes peacekeeping actions on behalf of the UN and finally negotiates a ceasefire. Press coverage of the conflicts becomes the highest-rated television event of the decade, so far. Various conspiracy theorists claim that the conflicts were instigated by the US and other major powers so they could see how effective novas were when used as military operatives.
  • The "Equatorial Wars," as the fighting is later dubbed, prompt international negotiations concerning the use of novas in military applications. While the talks are never formalized, the UN and Project Utopia openly support discussion on the issue. International consensus falls short of banning the use of novas in the military, but it is generally agreed that due to the unpredictable nature of novas' powers, they should not be used against civilian or normal military targets unless in all-out war. Strategists and academics quickly devise a new school of military deterrent thought based around novas and formalize the idea of limited-scale conflicts fought by nova proxies. General acceptance of this idea, as an economical alternative to certain types of conventional conflicts, leads to large numbers of elites being contracted by world governments in the following year.[17]

June Edit

  • June 10: Representatives from the United States, the Russian Confederation, the United Kingdom and Japan meet in Moscow. They agree to form and sponsor a multinational intelligence agency, which they term "the Directive." The Directive's primary mission is to monitor the activities of Project Utopia and the world's growing population of novas.[17]
  • June 11: The Newark Police Department receives a call from an apartment building regarding a burning smell coming from an apartment. Police enter the apartment (belonging to Eileen Dunkowski and find the body of a Mr. Harold Bengotti tied to a chair with an iron (switched on) left on his chest. Ms. Dunkowski is reported missing. Bengotti had ties to the Camparelli criminal syndicate.[24]

July Edit

  • July 17: Talk radio's Jordan McDevitt insists to "Larry from Louisville" that the Equatorial Wars are a setup. "All those countries, like Nigeria and Sierra Leone and all, where'd they get the money to hire all those elites?...I think the answer's pretty simple -- the good ol' U-S-of-A....They wanted to find out how T2M stood up in an out-and-out battle."[25]

August Edit

  • August 7: Anibál Buendia, a nova with the ability to reconfigure his cellular structure, first secretes the polymer known as "eufiber." This material, which has the ability to bond with nova cell structure and channel and redirect quantum and bio-energies, becomes the most popular fashion accessory for novas and the wealthy. As a side effect, studies of eufiber enable advances in the development of optic cable technology.[17][26]

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