Events Edit

  • 2000 BCE-1500 BCE: A period of flooding and invasion in the Indus valley, caused by the invasion of the Yehnn (Aryans). They defeat the Harappan culture, but are forced to consult them to help rebuild the civilization.[1]
  • The Egpytian Thothian cult is at its height.[2]
  • Kemit literature declares Seshat "She who is Foremost in the House of Books."[3]
  • The Sumerian society collapses when the Amorites migrate into the area and gain control of the region.[4]
  • The Wu Lung are founded around this time.[5]
  • Nagah appear in the Indus Valley, and settle there, eventually spreading all over the world.[6]
  • 2200-700 B.C.E.: Bronze Age in Britain. Wyrmslayer, a Fianna, forges the first klaive. (WPG2, p.198).[7]

References Edit

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