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Events Edit

January Edit

  • Rachel Alinsky erupts due to the stress of weeks of failure on her robotics final (due the next day).[12]
  • January 1: The Y2K bug hits many of the world's computer systems, causing moderate problems. Power production, airline traffic control, Internet traffic and financial institution computers are the most affected. Utopia-affiliated novas race around the globe to restore (or, in some cases, generate) emergency power and direct what few planes are in the air. Most people notice only that the airlines and banks are shut down for a couple of days, and that Web pages and e-mail have glitches for a few weeks. Y2K becomes Utopia's biggest public-relations windfall since the coming of the novas.[13] (Project Proteus takes advantage of "coding glitches" and "irreparable data-loss" to disappear a few more files into the Babel Dossier.)[14]
  • January 10: This week's Time Magazine has an article on "Utopia Bug Spray: Squashing the Y2K Bug".[15]
  • January 23: On talk radio's Jordan McDevitt Show, the topic is "Project Utopia: threat or menace?" McDevitt's answer is yes. He cites Utopia's private status, its backing by Æon (which answers to no-one) and the UN (which answers more and more to Æon), and its high approval rating: "the only other things with a 95% worldwide approval rating are fattening foods and caffeine and neither of them are any good for you, either."[15]
  • January 28: The Triton Foundation announces the first successful gene-therapy treatment for breast cancer. By 2006, this treatment, combined with childhood genetic screening, makes breast cancer a thing of the past.[13]

February Edit

  • February 1: Project Utopia announces, before the UN General Assembly, its intention to perform a worldwide environmental cleanup. The world press applauds the news, and various countries use "Operation Clean Sweep" as a core to create civil works programs to help alleviate the massive unemployment that has plagued them since 1999.[13][16]

March Edit

April Edit

  • April 8: Fidel Castro dies. Cuba spends the following weeks in political turmoil. When the dust clears, a democratically elected president and legislative body take control of the government. Cuba's relations with the rest of the world normalize by July.[13]

May Edit

  • May 31: The first movie to feature nova actors opens to rave reviews. Stephen Spielberg's Nova is the story of a young man who emerges as a nova, then dedicates his life to righting the wrongs of society. Various famous novas figure prominently in the cast. The movie breaks all previous sales records, staying in the top spot throughout the summer. Nova goes on to sweep the Academy Awards the next spring, winning a record 18 Oscars.[13]

July Edit

  • July 15: Second-quarter financial reports indicate worldwide economic improvement. The upswing marks the beginning of the largest sustained period of economic growth and prosperity in world history. The UN drops its freeze of the currency markets, and most nations of Western and Central Europe agree to the adoption of the euro currency, linking much of Europe into one economic entity. The United Kingdom declines entry into the European Union.[13]

August Edit

September Edit

November Edit

  • November 7: Robert Schroer, a moderate Republican representative from Colorado, is elected 43rd President of the United States. Schroer began the Republican nomination process as a virtual unknown; his platform calls for continued economic reform and a return to so-called "common-sense" values. He wins a narrow victory in the general election over Vice President Gore, in which the Reform and Libertarian candidates also take sizable proportions of the vote.[13]

December Edit

  • December 31: With the Y2K problem and millennialist anxiety distant memories, the press realizes that 2001 is the actual beginning of the new millennium. This announcement inspires the largest New Year's celebrations in history. Festivities include nova-produced energy releases in orbit that are visible around the world.[13]
  • Æon Society census reports approximately 1800 known novas in the world population.[13]
  • Michelle Medford, afraid of the dark from a young age, erupts during a blackout in Sydney. She later becomes "Corona," the leader of Australis.[27]
  • Thomas Sering, a survivalist, erupts when the supposed end of the world doesn't arrive.[28]

Notes Edit

Schroer is obviously meant as a stand-in for John McCain, who (at the time Aberrant was published in 1999) seemed a shoo-in to win the Republican nomination. We can therefore assume (or at least speculate) that, following Schroer's win in the primaries, and escalating with his election, many of the GOP's far-right elements (the ones who had backed ex-Presidential son George W. Bush's unsuccessful bid for the nomination) divorced themselves from the party to found one more appealing to their agendas, the American Eagle Party (perhaps on the ashes of the Buchanan-ized Reform Party).

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