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Events Edit

  • Horizon realms of Mages in the Umbra begin to become more disparate from reality, some losing their connection to and from reality, others being attacked, and one may have had asteroids thrown at it by Rorg. This is likely connected to the arrival of Anthelios.[13]
  • The Perfect Metis is born.[14]
  • The Dark Umbra becomes less and less hospitable to werewolves, as a terrible storm starts to tear through it. Some Garou speculate that this is linked to the appearance of Anthelios, which is present in the Dark Umbra as well. Wilderness areas tend to be the worst, whereas cities are more stable against the storm. More Wraiths become Risen than ever before.[15]
  • Snake Person Hysteria. The Patriarch begins to send out spirits to increase its influence.[16]
  • Metis Ratkin Johnny Y2K instigates public hysteria over Y2K bug.[17][18]
  • A unified effort keeps the Elemental Dragons from bankruptcy in the wake of the collapse of the Asian economy.[24]
  • This year marks the 5100th anniversary of the current Kali Yuga.[29]
  • An unknown supernatural hacks into Hunter-net and closes it down.[37]
  • Hunter-net is mysteriously restored and is protected directly by the Messengers.[37]

February Edit

  • February 8: One of Dr. Winston Brown's students, Bryan, has a report due on the Mesoamerican concept of time and the end of the world. It's handed in very late.[39]
  • February 13: Enrique Macias tells Shannon Labour during a visit to her residence to get rid of all her incense, crystals, and any other "meditation aids"; the only mediation aid she needs is her mind and, perhaps, her body. He suggests she go outside and meet people as a first step to enlightenment.[40]
  • February 24: During a phone conversation, Enrique Macias confirms that Shannon Labour appears to have found a good group... a little floofy for his tastes, but he hears good things and they aren't going to brainwash her or anything.[40]

March Edit

  • The Nagah plan to kill Blacktooth, only to find him already dead at the hands of persons unknown.[41]
  • March 3: Enrique Macias is glad Shannon Labour came over. He mentions she doesn't have to try smoking up if she doesn't want to, but suggests that sometimes people learn things they wouldn't have otherwise.[43]
  • March 6: Shannon Labour decides she wants to try smoking up. Enrique Macias demonstrates how it's done. He tells her she can't fight anything, she should just let life carry her as it will. He encourages her to zone out and relax.[43]
  • March 29: Xadreque Machado proposes the idea of "free spirits," a type of Umbrood which has a great deal of latitude in where and how far it may travel.[44]

April Edit

May Edit

June Edit

  • Laklebb, the embodiment of the Outer Darkness, manifests for only the second time, in Bangladesh. There are no witnesses.[52]

July Edit

  • Starting with the events of this month, the members of House Criamon begin going insane, succumbing to Quiet or dying. One who does recover recalls something about a cannibal king and a typhoon in Asia.[56]
  • Apocalyptic visions of dragons, demons and other creatures infest the dreams of the shen of the Middle Kingdom.[57]
  • July 12: Dr. Winston Brown has spoken to Bryan, who has the tablets, but he refuses to return to Brown without knowing what they're for. Brown doesn't want to tell him that he and Grumes are looking for a way, any way, to eliminate Ingrid Brown, Nephandus, and Dr. Brown's paternal grandmother. "A boy can always forgive his grandmother, unless she kills his wife."[73]
  • July 15: Bryan has arrived with the tablets. They're broken, but Dr. Winston Brown can decipher most of the incantation he needs. Hopefully the missing stuff isn't too important.[73]
  • July 30: Dr. Winston Brown has spent the last few days in the hotel bar, chatting with Ea about Babylon. He's transcribed a few of the less-powerful rituals and has sent them off to everyone to whom he owes a favour. The two of them are going back to the States to show Ea the sights, starting with New Orleans, up through the middle of the country, and off to California. As they pass through Kansas, Brown will have a few tricks up his sleeve for Grandma.[73]

August Edit

  • August 12: Dominic LeTarry relates a confusing experience at his kung fu class, where he sparred with his sifu, and somehow managed to block sifu's punch without using his arms. Sifu invites him to a special class.[74]
  • August 13: Dominic LeTarry talks about sifu's "special class." He was the only one there, and all sifu wanted to do was talk. He asked about imaginary friends and any troubles LeTarry might have had at school, then proceeds to talk about a reality where martial artists can fly through the air without wires. LeTarry thinks sifu's a bit odd, and decides to stay away from class for a while to focus on his real life.[74]
  • August 20: Dominic LeTarry thinks sifu might be right, and he might have to go back and talk to him. After being jumped by four muggers, LeTarry somehow just knew exactly who was going to move and in what order, so instinct took over. He took out three in as many seconds, and then punched the last guy a distance of 20 feet. It was only afterwards he realized he had literally dodged a bullet.[75]
  • August 22: Dominic LeTarry feels like his life is unravelling. His girlfriend Janet left, telling him she doesn't know him anymore. The video store lost his paperwork, corporate says he never worked there, and accounting never cut him a check. It took all day to clear that up.[75]

September Edit

  • September 6: Dominic LeTarry thinks his sifu might be right. LeTarry's quit his job, since he had to fight to get his paycheck every week. He realizes now he has been sleeping and is just starting to Awaken. He's been teaching at the studio with sifu. He doesn't know for how long, but knows he's got a lot more to learn.[77]
  • September 9: Dominic LeTarry had a horrible dream about flame and fire, and the screams of people dying. He can't remember anything clearly, but he knows something was just lost. Something very important.[77]
  • September 10: Dominic LeTarry writes about something strange... he tried taking the bus, but as he was looking for change, he felt like something hit him in the gut, so he hurled all over the front of the bus. The driver yelled at him to get off, and for the rest of the day everyone stared at him as though he were a street person or a criminal.[77]
  • September 20: Dominic LeTarry realizes that sifu probably isn't coming back. He can feel and almost control his power now, but still feels he has a lot to learn. His fellow tenants no longer acknowledge him, his landlord has stopped asking for rent, and he spent ages trying to close down his bank account. Apparently the IRS was looking into it. Someone left a note in his gym bag after class one day, and he followed the instructions to meet several others like him. Something has happened, the rules have changed, and no one bothered to tell the players. They're all alone.[77]

October Edit

  • October 10: In his final entry in his normal diary, Dominic LeTarry and his new friends realize they're on their own: all their Masters are missing, and the half-trained are all that's left. All they know is that they can do things others can't, and the rules everyone takes for granted can be bent or broken. There seems to be some sort of conspiracy trying to prevent that. "I'm going to try to find out what's going on. Wish me — and us — luck."[81]
  • Witness1 calls for a roll call. It is confirmed that 1/4 of the 120 registered hunters are dead.[37]
  • Doctor119 is confronted in his home by a wraith, but manages to keep it in place. He calls Builder50, who comes to his house and uses his Death Fog to chase it away. Jared's brother Jarvis comes to Doctor's house and tells him Jared is going to attempt to escape from prison. Builder and Doctor agree to assist.[37]
  • October 26: Witness1's account is hacked into by an unknown creature who bans several members off hunter-net, including Hunter9, Bookworm55, and Doctor119. Doctor is accused of experimenting on corpses and being a back-alley abortionist. Bookworm starts his own site, which Witness joins.[37]

November Edit

  • November 1: The annual revel of the Ceilican in Scotland ends in disaster when they are attacked by Black Spiral Dancers. Most are slain, some are dragged off to be corrupted, and perhaps a handful escape.[83]
  • The Camarilla goes on the offensive against the Sabbat and takes New York from them.[84]

December Edit

  • Silent Striders from the Eaters of the Dead camp find a Setite vampire called Consuela in the streets of Mexico City, ambush her and perform the Rite of Dormant Wisdom on her. The Theurge Kameel Thoughtrunner eats her brains, and learns huge amounts of information, most importantly the final line of Set's curse in the original tongue. The Eaters of the Dead use this to create the Rite of Mocking the Serpent, and use both to help them try and lift Set's curse from the Silent Striders. [86]
  • A lot of Iteration X is drinking pretty heavily, seeing the year's rollover as a symbolic change ushering in a New Era. Virtual Adept Willy Pete spends the night babysitting servers at a small office.[88]

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