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Events Edit

  • Jim Harrison, a longtime investigator of the paranormal, begins Network Zero, an internet site dedicated to releasing the truth about the unexplainable.[1]
  • Holly Ramirez begins organizing an informal group of hunters into a labor union and compact that will become The Union.[2]
  • Again, Atlantis does not appear. Unconcerned, the Daksha masters simply issue the next date.[3]
  • The copy of "Initiations of Dream and Flame" excavated last year falls into the hands of Renfro Delaney, who manages to translate passages. It contains info about the Bak-Ra and the Usiri.[4]

June Edit

  • June 21: The head of the Summer Court of Miami announces that he declares the seasonal governmental system dissolved and that the Summer Court will rule Miami henceforth. Feuds between the other Courts allow him to retain that position, although occaisonally, unrest against his rule stirs. [5]

July Edit

  • Extraordinary Times Magazine publishes an article called "Stranger in a Strange World," written by underground journalist Jack Bleak. Bleak describes the strange things he's seen and insists that others who, like him, have glimpsed the hidden truth, will never be the same. Because no one will ever find the truth: each shadow conceals only more shadows.[6]

References Edit

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