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Trinity Universe: 1998


  • The Garou of Russia hunt and destroy many of the agents of Baba Yaga, noticing that her structure and allies seem to be disappearing. Baba Yaga is destroyed by persons unknown to the Garou. The Shadow Curtain crashes down, reuniting the Russian werewolves with the rest of the Garou Nation.[10][11]
  • Magadon, Incorporated's market share is at 22.5%, making it one of the three largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. With its recent takeover of Aesop Research Company and the upcoming merger Autumn Health Management Systems, Magadon may be the dominant health care provider by the end of the next decade.[15]
  • India conducts nuclear tests, quickly followed by Pakistan.[21]
  • The UN supervises elections in Cambodia.[22]
  • On the eve of their strike against the followers of the Centipede, Asian currencies collapse, striking at the root of the Golden Dragon Society's power. Followed by the revelation of bank and state corruption, Japan is thrown into a recession.[23] The Golden Dragon Society jettisons the remaining corporate power structure and returns to a focus on organized crime.[24] A unified effort keeps the Elemental Dragons from bankruptcy.[25]
  • This summer the accidental release of Chinese nerve gas kills three villagers and a regiment of Chinese soldiers. From this point, dark entities prowl the dreamscapes of Tibet.[26]
  • Operative Simon Pain of Diversified Operations Amalgam 3 is caught in a crossfire between a Chorister choir and a Nephandic cult. He finds his technology does not work, and so he prays, warding off a monstrosity with holy fire. His Amalgam reports him killed in action, and Pain joins the Chorus.[28]
  • Dr. Maria Lockney founds the Disciples of the One Point.[29]
  • The Computer orders Department 37 to cease its investigations into dangerous internal programs receiving Technocracy support.[30]
  • George Carreau purchases a beautiful but mentally retarded 14-year-old Thai girl from a corrupt Asian businessman.[31]
  • Jedediah Baker completes his apprenticeship with the Nephite Priesthood and is allowed to minister to the flock as a Priest.[32]
  • Niki Yemana has fully Awakened and can pilot her stone disk through impossible maneuvers while she stands or sits atop it.[33]
  • Kararoshi returns to Peru to make sense of who he is, but is sidetracked when his Ether-meters go off the scale while visiting the plains of Nazca.[34]


  • Gabriel Van der Linden and his pack of fellow Cyber Dogs return from a journey to Belgium sporting impossibly complex cybernetics. This begins a significant increase in Cyber Dog numbers as Glass Walkers joined this revolutionary group.[35]
  • The Nine Fires, investigating a ritual abuse cult, tips its hand by punishing a clique of sorcerers they feel are in charge. Their actions alert the true cult leader, Herr Flax.[36]
  • January 10: An unnamed mage sitting in the Majestic Café helps out a newly-Awakened young woman.[37]


  • A Cyberpunk discovers a back door to an Iteration X mainframe at NORAD and lifts 20 gigabytes of data before they trace him.[38]
  • After a Core War, a Virtual Adept begins tripping off virus scanners wherever he goes despite being run through every known virus scrubber.[38]


  • Virtual Adept H0usefly, while parsing February's Iteration X download, realizes after checking his clocks that every time he hears the name of Alan Turing spoken aloud, all related information is wiped from his memory, and so he repeats the same segment over and over again. The mnemonovirus is dubbed the Turin Virus.[38]



  • June 2: The Shigalu Monastery falls in a vicious and unexpected attack by forces of the Wyrm.[42][43]


  • In mid-July the Jackal Fever sweeps through urban Egypt, killing many of its poor. The disease also – peculiarly enough – afflicts Garou, though not fatally. The Ratkin are also afflicted, although their illness follows a cyclic pattern with weeks of normalcy, unlike the constant suffering of the Garou.[46]
  • The plague kills many people and causes an intense craving for flesh, leading some Garou (mostly Bone Gnawers to commit cannibalism before they recover. Some Garou grow accustomed to eating human flesh and continue to do so after the plague ends. Meat Pudding is one of the most prominent cannibals, and he begins to encourage others to do so as well. [47]


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