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  • March 26: Members of the Heaven's gate cult commit mass suicide in their house in San Diego.[17]



  • With no outside influence, the people of Iran Mohammed Khatami, a Technocratic sympathizer, to the position of President. While the true power still remains with the Ayatollah, the Ahl-i-Batin prepare to become subtle once more if the Technocracy attempts to resume power.[20]
  • May 1: Morgan has been having Ozymandias Cody followed by a private investigator. She suspects him of having an affair, when he's out saving the world with Zydeco Jones.[21]
  • May 12: Discussion occurs of the new Hermetic Apprentice Hornbook, edited by Master Auris Galina Gritsenko.[22]


  • June 4: Discussion occurs of the new Hermetic Hornbook, edited by Master Auris Galina Gritsenko.[22]
  • June 27: Mahmet Kemal, a Disciple at the Oxford Chantry, sends a series of "footnotes" to the Apprentice Hornbook to its editor, Auris Galina Gritsenko, in an effort to distill down the most important aspects of Hermetic theory. The footnotes are sent over an unsecured line.[22]
  • June 29: Editor Auris Galina Gritsenko sends a message to the Apprentice Hornbook mailing list regarding Mahmet Kemal's "footnotes." He seems a little irritated by Kemal's audacity, but is willing to add the footnotes just to "light bombs under a few mages who need it," despite repercussions. He solicits the advice of Master Leif Dinesen, who responds "publish, and be damned!"[23]
  • June 30: Control of Hong Kong reverts to Communist China.[24][25][26][27][28]



  • September 15: A new action series from Aaron Spellman, The Slayer, premieres tonight.[32]


  • In late October Baba Yaga's forces attack the Sept of the Crystal Mind (of the Stargazers) and the Aral Sea Caern (House Wise Heart Silver Fangs). By the end of the month every single member of the Silver Fang sept had been destroyed, ending the line of House Wise Heart Silver Fangs in Russia. The Stargazer caern barely survives through guerrilla tactics. At the same time, the hag sends forces into Siberia to deal with the Wendigo who had fought her back in early 1995.[3]


  • November 1: Garou begin to converge on Kursk, the former home of Gregornous Deathwing. Silent Strider spies claimed he had returned to his home after decades of absence, and so an attack is launched this day, slaying Gregornous Deathwing. Over fifty Garou die in the battle, including a number of great leaders – the Bone Gnawer leader Nicholas Zukeine and Mother's Pride of the Black Furies.[3]
  • November 10: Doissetep explodes, causing a shock wave affecting everything connected to it, including the Digital Web, which experiences the Great Crash. The entire Web goes offline for three seconds, killing many, injuring others for weeks or months, and any sector that wasn't permanently erased is damaged.[33][34][35][36]
  • November 13: Hermetic Petrus steps through a portal to Crete, but never arrives.[37]
  • November 27: Ozymandias Cody's mom knows something's going on; he finally breaks down and tells her there's a hidden side of his life that's been taking over. She tells him that if he can't share that with his wife, some sacrifices need to be made. At that point, Cody decides to abandon the Order and magic and everything because he loves his wife.[38]


  • December 22: Ozymandias Cody gets called in to see his boss. He knows he's in trouble; the only time anyone ever sees him is if you've made an appointment or you're getting fired, and Cody hasn't made an appointment.[39]
  • December 23: It turns out Ozymandias Cody accidentally gave his boss one of his dream-inspired designs instead of plans for a house. The mayor saw them, and decided that the city needed a new, un-copied, futuristic look. Cody is now a partner at Coleman, Skal & Spartus.[40]
  • December 24: Lambach Ruthven writes a letter to his beloved, though deceased, Klara. Remiscing about the Sabbat, Lambach states that he is a coward, a weakling, a lord of the Sabbat and - most importantly - a good lad. He remembers how the local Zantosa Elder revealed the existence of something beneath New York and decides to lose himself by feeding on the blood of addicts.[41]



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