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Real life: 1997

Chronicles of Darkness: 1997

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Trinity Universe: 1997

Events Edit

  • Cease-fire between the IRA and British Government. Gaining momentum from this, Gerry Adams and the Sinn Fein create a task force within the Irish military designed to flush out and hunt down the terrorist activity of the IRA.[1]
  • Holger DeVries teaches his daughter Anna how to lie.[2]
  • The last of England's extraterritorial holdings, Hong Kong, returns to the control of the People's Republic of China.[3] Authorities expect to catch many triad leaders escaping Hong Kong at this time, but they underestimate the degree to which the triads control China. The triads' mask is so perfect, some suspect the whole thing was masterminded by a pre-Galatea nova.[4]
  • The existence of frozen water at the Lunar south pole is confirmed.[5]

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