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  • Baba Yaga begins assaults against the Garou, prompting great losses – not only did the Garou die in great numbers, but many caerns (already weakened by the Shadow Curtain) were lost as well.[1]
  • An Endron engineer named Willie Quesada makes the discovery that standards testing engineers test gasoline pumps only test in five- and ten-gallon increments.[2]
  • James Graystone is briefly involved in an illegal casino run by a New York crime syndicate.[3]
  • William Arthur Smith participates in an attack on Greystone Chantry.[8] A mage electrocutes his exoskeleton, short-circuiting his CPU, freeing his mind.[9] Before his thoughts are downloaded for analysis, Smith downloads[10] all available information on Iteration X as a reminder to himself and others that William Smith is more than a mechanical monster, and to apologize for those he has betrayed while within the Technocracy. And to reveal the flaws of Iteration X to anyone capable of opposing them. The report will be printed out and mailed to magazine called Paradigma.[11]
  • The Stratosphere Hotel Tower and Casino begins construction.[16]

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  • Mark Hallward Gillan is exiled "for being right," after having exposed the corruption of House Helekar, as his superiors decide to cover the incident up.[18]
  • January 1: North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, goes into effect. Despite Glass Walker attempts to force environmental issues into NAFTA, all they accomplished was a promise by the participating countries to monitor the environment. [19]

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  • An Ahl-i-Batin Marauder implements the Temple Pillars Effect before some mercenary forces between Libya and Chad. The Batini orders them to throw down their weapons and leads them to an abandoned village, ordering them to build a new home. When they ask about supplies and citizens, he says "I'll take care of that, just a moment." He vanishes, never to return. Many of the mercenaries die of thirst before reaching civilization, and the rest are imprisoned as illegal aliens.[27]

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  • ^  This may be a typo: Benjamen Holmscroft disappeared from public life in 1914, so these may be among his last words. However, evidence exists to suppose that Holmscroft may be immortal, or at least very long-lived. He may yet exist in 1994.

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