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Real life: 1993

Chronicles of Darkness: 1993

World of Darkness: 1993

Trinity Universe: 1993


  • A catholic Cardinal in Mexico is shot dead by hired gunmen on orders of the Arellano crime family. [3]
  • Abigail Peabody volunteers for medical experiments to pay for college tuition. Odyssey recruits her and tells her that all Garou are evil. They turn her into a fomor and she earns the nickname “Drowner”. [9]
  • The spring issue of Paradigma contains an article by Doctor Baridium, discussing the past tragedy and future wonders awaiting the Tradition[10] and an article from Captain Tiberius discussing the Void Engineers.[11]
  • Xerxies' Technocratic Trash: Lies of the Betrayal is published by Screaming Ravage Press.[14]
  • The cops finally decide it is time to put Evenne Backsby into a locked facility, and place him in the New Horizons Youth Center.[15]
  • The idea of an "ambassador program" is first raised in Horizon.[18]
  • The UN supervises elections in Cambodia.[19]
  • Only Gawain Alexander and two other members of his squad make it out of a fight in Mogadishu, thanks to a micromanaging officer who made everything "need-to-know."[20]
  • Hatshepsut Tabitha Kashaf bani Shaea becomes Headmistress at the Straussen Academy.[21]


  • April 16: At about 11:30am, William Arthur Smith is questioned by his doctor, Dr. Zimmermann, regarding his prosthesis. She then unveils a wholly-realistic arm and asks if he's interested in meeting the company behind it. This marks Smith's entry into Iteration X.[22]
  • April 22: William Arthur Smith is interviewed by Decillion, who offers him a position within Iteration X. On one of Decillion's monitors, Smith witnesses a car accident. One of the victims will later be identified as Smith, allowing him to "[drop] off the face of the earth" for the next eight months.[23]
  • April 23: William Arthur Smith's DEI is successfully implanted. He later awakens at precisely 7:00:00.00, and begins working on the Duplex Recycling disassembly line at precisely 9:00:00.00. Due to his disability, he has great difficulty keeping up with the pace of the other workers.[24] 1011100010 disciplines Smith.[25]


  • May 16: William Arthur Smith's cell is broken into by another Cipher, who demands Smith's food. 111011010 won't take no for an answer, and Smith is in no position to resist. The Cipher brags about his skills with electronics, being kicked out of the cadets, and his contempt for minorities.[27]
  • May 17: Tecson asks William Arthur Smith if he'd met the other Cipher. Smith says no. Tecson says he does not accept lies.[27]


  • June 17: Tecson report on William Arthur Smith makes reference to the "offence" of May 16, and notes that Smith has not improved sufficiently and has performed poorly in the arena. He will allow three days for recovery, then return to routine, double-hard to make up for lost time.[27]



  • The Treasure Island casino opens next to the Mirage in Las Vegas.[30]
  • October 15: The Luxor Resort Hotel and Casino opens. Rumour has it that an ordinary tourist walks through the atrium, plays, a few games, and leaves. Afterwards the Luxor suffers from a massive number of problems.[31][32]
  • October 22: Tecson makes note of a new Digital Enhancement created by a BioMechanic which reportedly imprisons a Dreamspeaker's Avatar. Through it, they have learned of entities called Children of Gaia (or Theurge in their own language). Decillion later identifies these entities as werewolves, noting that since their power only extends to nature and they avoid cities, it's 83.1% probable that they cannot transform in urban environments.[33]
  • Deborah comes to Verbena priestess Mother Celene, looking for power; Robin rescues Teague from some gay-bashers; Jon is saved from hunters by Jarrol; a shape-changing woman overhears Kamaria's plea for help; Sarah helps Takoda; and Aileen is befriended by Stargazer.[35]


  • The U.S. Congress declares the invasion of Hawai'i and the overthrow of its government illegal.[36]
  • November 2: 111011010 returns to William Arthur Smith's cell, looking haggard and sporting a purple bruise on his temple. He asks Smith for help, but Smith refuses. Once he leaves, Smith files a report.[27] Once 111011010 leaves, Decillion triggers his nanotech failsafe. No evidence remains, but Smith has proven his loyalty.[37]



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