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  • Gene, #AT422, is force-grown in a vat along with the other constructs of Black Suit Unit AT#4, Franklin, #AT421, Hernando, #AT423, and the other constructs up through #AT4223.[9]
  • The Forum Shops at Caesars' Palace opens.[28]
  • The Boyd Corporation purchases the Fremont Hotel and Casino.[29]
  • The Mabo decision of the High Court of Australia recognizes the prior claim of Aboriginal Australians, allowing them to reclaim some of their native lands.[30]
  • Peruvian officials visit Kararoshi's settlement, and are astonished to find the small village has its own power grid, water purification system and farming machinery. They offer him a scholarship at the university of his choice, so he decides to go to Oxford.[31]

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^  This is likely a twin reference to the Trinity Universe. Basel is the headquarters of the Æsculapian Order in the Trinity timeframe, while Louru Razaiz is clearly an anagram for Aberrant's Raoul Orzaiz, also a Spanish count.


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