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Real life: 1991

Chronicles of Darkness: 1991

World of Darkness: 1991

Trinity Universe: 1991


  • Black Spiral Dancer allies of Pentex build Hell's Hand hive near Anama in the Amazon, in an area that is an intersection for three Balam Bastet den-realms. Balam fight and lose to the Black Spirals Dancers, and are forced to leave their realms. They flee to Black Claw, and swear loyalty to him in return for his aid in regaining their den-realms.[1]
  • JDG Cryogenics revives Jane Kennedy after a treatment for her rare form of cancer is discovered. Kennedy becomes their first client to be successfully frozen and revived.[13]

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  • Baba Yaga begins to assert power in Russia , consuming, destroying, or dominating all vampires that stand in her way.[14] She's assisted by a dozen mages who erect a mystical barrier, preventing anyone from stepping into the Umbra, while a string of coincidental effects prevents all supernaturals from leaving. Even communications are affected.[9] (Please note that this is contradicted by the Werewolf Storyteller's Companion, p.59, which says it went up in 1992)

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