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  • Cerebral Conditioning System Weaver Devices are developed.[1]
  • Black Furies travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, determined to put an end to the rape camps there.[2]
  • Anarch Wars rage across the West Coast.[3]
  • The violence experienced among the tongs in the 1920s makes a return this decade in the form of street warfare.[4]
  • The Colombian Cali Cartel dominates the cocaine trade.[5]
  • The cyberpunk revolution gets carried into the '90s, thanks to writers like Pat Cadigan, Melissa Scott, Spider Robinson and Michael Swanwick lead the way.[6]
  • Maria Anna Vasquez, Chorister, vanishes during a raid against a Mexican factory. Most Choristers contend she's dead, while some few believe she'll return at the Reconciliation.[7]
  • The "Information Boom" turns the Digital Web into all that is best and worst about humanity.[8]
  • Lizard-people are the fad in Genegineer labs early this decade.[9]
  • The Progenitors' "mad scientist" phase of the 1800s affects their cloned leaders as late as this decade.[10]
  • Tensions grow between North and South Korea when it's revealed that North Korea has over 100 nuclear weapons and has been conducting ballistic missile tests through South Korean airspace.[11]
  • Throughout this decade, the Chou yan of the Wu-Keng begin training shamans in the Spirit Arts with which to fight the Juk Ak.[12]
  • Four agents of the New World Order feel compelled to leave China, although they cannot give a satisfactory explanation for why.[13]
  • Some of the Knights Templar are liberal enough to consider working with those who might accept religions other than Christianity.[14]
  • By this time, Tasygan is one of the foremost Dreamspeakers and a strong proponent of Canadian environmentalism and native rights.[15]
  • Virtual Adepts' factions are known as "legions" at this time.[16]
  • In a mine outside Prague a Sabbat pack is said to have discovered a torpid Adonai and the last Salubri Warriors. Who upon their awakening give rise to the Salubri antitribu.[17]

Early 90s

  • First Persian Gulf War. Filmmaker Werner Herzog may have destroyed footage of Thurifuge that was filmed on Gulf Coast.[18]
  • Tom "Laughing Eagle" Smithson accepts the post as Dreamspeaker representative to the Council of Nine. He claims it's because he's the only one interested.[19]
  • Virtual Adept "Terpsichore" uses commercially available soundboards to create the first prototype 3-Dim Sonographic Sense Factory.[20]
  • The Golden Dragon Society investigates the Syndicate, and finds that it has ties to a corporation called Pentex, itself a front for a hitherto-unknown magical society which subscribes to an unknown paradigm. They're dubbed the "followers of the Centipede."[21]
  • After witnessing the Hellraiser movies, a talented Hollow One creates the Chains of Leviathan after those cool chains Pinhead uses.[22]
  • "Bolshevik Scientists" begin returning to the Utopian League, raving about Russian "witches" and a psychic barrier that hinders their work.[23]
  • Psychic Arlene P. Dietrich defects from the New World Order to the Sons of Ether.[24]
  • A group of Cryptogramics steal and decode a set of unreleased documents from the defunct MK-Ultra project, looking for a way to protect Virtual Adepts from telepathy.[25]
  • Catherine Blass emerges as a performance artist.[26]
  • Dark Vengeance begins pumping destructive computer viruses out of Eastern Europe.[27]


  • Horatio pulls his Horatio's House of Horrors into a small town early so he can investigate the legend of a ghost named Jack Dresden in a local retirement home. He decides to stop his investigation after realizing there's probably nothing to the stories.[28]
  • Daira Kashaf bani Shaea runs an Ambassador Chantry near Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.[29]
  • Teague O'Connel contracts HIV and develops AIDS.[30]
  • Bernhardt Mueller loses all professional status – including much of his reputation among the Sons of Ether – for publicly predicting that a "hyperdimensional supercomet" he calls Mirzaba will pass close enough to Earth to be a collision risk toward the end of the year 2012.[31]

Late 1990s

  • All contact with the Ahrimanes ceases. Investigators find their havens empty. While it's generally believed they were destroyed, Muricia may have led them on a spiritual retreat.[32][33]
  • The Assamite methuselah known as Ur-Shulgi awakens, breaks the Blood Curse that had been cast upon his clan, and began reinstating the strict doctrine of the Path of Blood. This lead to a schism among the Assamite, causing many of them to defect to the Camarilla or the Sabbat.
  • The Asian economy collapses. The Shi-Ren are hit particularly hard.[34] The collapse may have been masterminded by Choe Yo'ng.[35]
  • By this time, many Iterators quietly wonder if the Comptrollers in charge of the Convention are merely puppets of the Computer.[36]
  • In 1998-2000, at least two Canadian Wendigo caerns come under attack from military-style helicopters, but are successfully defended. It is uncertain who funded the assault.[37]
  • Samuel Haight travels to Mexico City to obtain the blood of the Baali methuselah Huitzilopochtli (who he believes to be an Antediluvian). He is killed during the resulting battle.[38]
  • Alec Cross declares praxis as Prince in Seattle. In the process, the Pioneers, the city's traditional power set, are politically displaced by the Camarilla at large.[39]


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