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Events[edit | edit source]

  • Late Winter: Pentex attempts to establish a new base, in the form of a “rainforest preservation research center” called Green River Awareness. The Swift Claw pack destroys the surrounding jungle area and makes it look like Pentex did it. The pack is tried before Golgol Fangs First and found guilty of conspiring with the Wyrm, but the charge is dismissed and renown is rewarded instead when Pentex is blamed, banned from the area, and investigated by the Brazilian government, turning the tide of the war.[4]
  • More city mothers and city fathers, spirits which personify cities, appear than ever before.[5]
  • The spring issue of Paradigma includes an article entitled "Blueprints for an Envirosuit" by Doctor Van Baas and Dr. Alexis Hastings[6], and its autumn issue includes an article by Scientist Latch denouncing the majority of the Sons of Ether for petty bickering rather than building proper theories and presenting a unified front.[7]
  • The 1990 census marks Henderson, Nevada as America's fastest-growing city.[17]

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