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  • Mobile phone subscribers exceed one million. Wireless bats and cellular sparrows appear in the Umbra.[1]
  • The Garou locate a dormant caern north of the Amazon river in Brazil, in the area a den-realm belonging to Matua, a Balam Bastet. The Garou first attempt negotiations, but when they are refused, they take the caern by force from Matua who flees as Garou attempt to kill her.[2]The Hollow Heart Caern is opened and made into the Garou base of operations for the War in the Amazon.[3] Matua flees to the den-realm Black Claw, the eldest Balam, located in Manaus, and swears loyalty to him in return for aid in fighting the Garou.[2]
  • Henry Ouyang Chang, a.k.a. Enrico, overhears another Virtual Adept in the Spy's Demise asserting that no one could possibly break into Horizon. He claims that by the end of the night, he'll return with the Seat of Correspondence from the Council Chamber. Horizon mages catch him 22 minutes later, well outside the realm's gateway. Within four hours, he's tried and convicted. Branded ("LAME") and released minus computer under a year's Censure.[11]



  • August 17: Uriah Bishop brings a potluck dish laced with poison to a church picnic. The result kills 39 parishioners and the minister. Bishop is later arrested for his act and eventually sentenced to death row.[14]


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