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  • With the consent of the Brazilian government, Pentex sets up the Developers Forestry Group in the Amazon Basin.[3]
  • War of the Amazon: Pentex starts to destroy Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Garou around the world go to Amazon to fight them.[1] The Black Frost pack dies in battle against Pentex, and Garou bicker for several months over leadership, but Golgol Fangs First eventually wins leadership. He eventually invents the Warg organization of packs against Pentex after losing several packs in battle.[4]
  • Rev. Montague Winters steps down as Instructor of Church History at Westminster Theological College.[8]
  • On her 13th birthday, Penny Dreadful holds a séance with five friends. They summon something which scares the hell out of everyone, except Penny.[10]
  • Halley's comet passes near Earth.[11]

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^ Destiny's Price only mentions this item is "Wednesday, July 16th." Given the book was published in 1995 and, it is assumed, not publishing a future event, 1986 is the most recent year where July 16th falls on a Wednesday and therefore the likely date for this vignette.

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