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Trinity Universe: 1982


  • The spring issue of Paradigma includes an article from Professor Thunder, criticizing the Celestial Chorus.[2]
  • The autumn issue of Paradigma includes an article from Scientist Diablo, detailing the practises of (and the fun weekend he had with) the Cult of Ecstasy.[3]
  • The winter issue of Paradigma includes an article from Doctor Headspace, describing the New World Order.[4]
  • Tecson (later 1011100010) is an ambitious manager of a Detroit auto plant. He replaced workers with robots, but remaining workers are unable to keep pace, and efficiency and morale decline. Tecson is fired, but later finds work with Duplex Assembly.[5]
  • V. Cleoth's Betrayal: The Legacy of Heylel is published by Ascendant Press.[6]
  • The Succubus Club opens in Chicago.[7]
  • Rev. Montague Winters gets his M.A. in Religion at Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey).[8]
  • House Shaea Ex Miscellanea decides to break away from the Order of Hermes. Other Hermetics realize how much they've come to depend on the Shaea, and offer them full House status. The Shaea accept, to the consternation of other members of Ex Miscellanea.[9][10][11][12]
  • Dr. Benjamin Day Awakens.[13]
  • A Technocratic strike force hits most of the elders of the Sons of Tengri at a meeting in Altay.[14]
  • High Winds Educational Services comes to Dilip Khatri's part of Lebanon, helping to repair damage from the civil war.[15]
  • The Burning of Time, an interpretation of the apocalyptic Latin text Dies Ignis, is published by Vera Sadry.[citation needed]


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