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  • March
    • March 9: David Scondras, a director of the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, receives a letter of inquiry from Dr. Aaron Richards of the Æon Society dated this date. Evidently, Richards is aware of what Scondras thought was a private letter to Governor Harris, asking for a declaration of medical emergency (based on findings of a CDC colleague); is responsible for halting that declaration (or else is speaking on behalf of the responsible Æon parties); and requires that the patient in question be transferred to a private Æon facility in New Jersey.[3]
    • March 18: David Scondras of the Center for Disease Control replies to Aaron Richards' letter of the 9th inst. He expresses his shock at Æon's intrusion into a private correspondence, and at their thwarting (at both the state and federal level) his attempts to declare a medical emergency. He also wonders at Richards' goals in demanding the transfer of the patient in question to an Æon facility "with no explanation of why or of your authority in so demanding. I'm sorry, Doctor Richards, but until we discover the source of the radiation... that has warped and mutated my colleague's patient so radically, I feel it constitutes a danger of epidemic proportion."[4]

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