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Events Edit

  • Manufacturing jobs start to move to Asia. Scar Realm moves closer to the Yomi Realm, and Yomi demons start to take the place of the former masters of Scar Realm. [2]
  • Some hippies turn into yuppies. Children of Gaia speculate that the Weaver may have created this backlash.[3]
  • By this time, it's estimated that Technocratic innovations are about 50 years ahead of publicly-available technology.[4]
  • Robots begin to replace auto workers.[5]
  • Jamaican posses originate to early this decade.[6]
  • The cyberpunk revolution takes hold. Writers like William Gibson, Bruce Sterling and Lew Shiner lead the way.[7]
  • The early gothic movement arises from the riots of punk, glam and metal.[8]
  • Rumours place the foundation of the Waydown to this time.[9]
  • Japanese corporations begin aggressively expanding into the US market.[10]

Early 1980s Edit

  • Plethora fetish is introduced. Increases the likelihood that offspring from parents under its influence will undergo the First Change at puberty, but it causes offspring to be born sterile and deformed. This affects both Garou and Kinfolk offspring. Offspring also cannot have Ancestors or Pure Breed.[11]

Mid-1980s Edit

Late 1980s Edit

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