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Real life: 1979

Chronicles of Darkness: 1979

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Trinity Universe: 1979


  • 1975-1979: The secretive Angkar ("The Organization") pulls the strings of power in Cambodia.[1]
  • Former hitmen Ji Wen Ja and Lu Feng have fallen apart due to paranoia about each other. This is the last time they speak.[2]
  • Terrorists seize control of the Ka'aba and the Grand Mosque. The Saudi Arabian government answers with violence.[3]
  • The spring issue of Paradigma contains an article on the Syndicate by Doctor Almanac.[4]
  • The 57th Council of the Council of Nine meets in Horizon. Only five representatives appear, and even then it's mostly about bragging than accomplishing anything new.[5][6]
  • Dr. Sandeep D'Souza ends his term as Associate Professor of Asian History and Sanskrit at Columbia University (New York).[7]
  • Rev. Montague Winters completes his B.A. in Liberal Arts at St. John's College (Annapolis, Maryland).[8]
  • Altimeas Cowling bani Thig is born.[9]
  • Vietnam invades Cambodia.[10]
  • Korean president Park Chung-hee is assassinated.[11]
  • Haji Ayub Afridi is employed as a diplomatic attaché to the Shah of Iran.[12]
  • The Barbary Coast Hotel and Casino opens in Las Vegas.[13]
  • Cecily Banashefski learns her uncle has been molesting her younger sister. She seeks help from a neighbor, who Embraces her. Cecily returns home, kills her uncle and her parents, and flees with her sister to Minneapolis.[14]




  • Through to July, a handful of Qutbs step out of Ghayba and resume orchestrating Ahl-i-Batin affairs. At the urging of the Qutbs, the Batini approach the Taftâni and propose an alliance to help keep the "Technocracy Free Zone." As long as the Weavers stay out of cities, they have free rein in Iran.[15]


  • Training of three Adepts of Mind as new Qutbs begins in Isfahan.[15]


  • 63 hostages are taken from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran to protest Technocractic hegemony. The media spins in to look like simple political terrorism.[15]


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