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Real life: 1979

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Trinity Universe: 1979


  • 1979-1989: The Soviet-Afghan War begins.
    • Numerous Arisen and their Cults within Afghanistan are drawn into conflict with Soviet troops to defend their tombs and vessels. At the same time, these cults are fierce rivals and spend as much time fighting each other as they do looters.[1]
  • Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime Minister of Great Britain.[2]
  • A Tollison Creed sorcerer reportedly found Theban ritual imagery describing Blandishment of Sin in the shattered windshield of an abandoned car in Fort Worth. Though the ritual was well known in other parishes, neither of the domains Sanctified sorcerers had access to it before then. They saw it as a sign of impending violence in the parish.[3]


  • November 10: A train with dangerous chemical compounds explodes near Mississauga, Ontario, to cover up the fact that the whole city has been empty for two days, with no clue where the inhabitants could be.[4]

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