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  • 1947-1969: The US Air Force investigates incidents of UFOs as a potential threat to national security. They declare no single case has been proved, and close the project.[1]
  • The Five-College Mystery Club is founded in Massachusetts. A group of students from Amherst-area colleges, their paranormal debunking efforts would lead to dozens of arrests.[2]
  • Hitmen Ji Wen Ja and Lu Feng do a lucrative job together. They take the proceeds and store them in a cash box which requires two keys to open, and each take a key.[3]
  • By this year, only the bravest kids shoot hoops at Napier Court, and never after nightfall.[4]
  • Sandeep D'Souza gets his M.A. in Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin), also ending his tenure as Sanskrit instructor.[5]
  • Beulah Frith bani Thig is born.[6]
  • The Woodstock Festival unites a generation of Sleepers in the belief that enlightenment can come through music, drugs, tribal values and "good vibrations." The Celestial Chorus, Cult of Ecstasy, and Dreamspeakers consider this festival a watermark in the Ascension War, leading all of humanity that much closer to mass Ascension.[7] Lady Charlotte Quay is among the many who Awakens there.[8]
  • Lady Charlotte Quay receives a vision (possibly during her Awakening) of An Giblin Coille the Spring Cottage, a lost Verbena Chantry.[9]
  • ARPANET (the forerunner to the Internet) goes online, connecting four major universities across the US.[10]
  • A group calling itself the Star Council breaks into a restricted hangar at Area 51 and retrieve some very strange devices. This marks the point when strange UFO-esque disappearances begin to affect Council members.[11][12]
  • Timothy Washington is recruited by the CIA.[13]
  • Hatshepsut Tabitha Kashaf is born to House Shaea Primus Maraksha Kashaf.[14]
  • Twin Verbenae Heather and Laurel are born.[15]
  • Cultist Jules Dupree vanishes.[16]
  • Remains of an ancient culture are uncovered off the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas, the year Edgar Cayce predicted would signal the rising of Atlantis.[17]
  • The military Suharto junta comes to power in Java. Any opposition is quickly deposed. [18]



  • July 20: The Moon landing. The landing provides a victory for the Technocracy, reinforcing their view of reality. Ironically, the awe and wonder also increases Sleeper willingness to embrace the possibility of the impossible.[7][20]. It also triggers the Resurgence.[21] Oddly, Professor Dubrius on board Victoria Station reports that no mortal has landed on the Moon.[22]



  • Sandeep D'Souza authors "Victorian Occult Syncretism and Occult Sources" in the Journal of Victorian Studies.[19]


  • From July 1947 until 1969, the US Air Force open Project Blue Book, with the purpose of tracking claims of UFOs and attempting to ascertain their veracity.<ref name="ascension146">


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