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Trinity Universe: 1966

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  • The Night Watcher Gorgon appears in Virginia. Locals name him ”The Mothman”. He causes people to have dreams in an attempt to warn them of the collapse of the Silver Bridge on the Ohio River, which he will cause to happen. [1]
  • Hector "Hundo Chunder" Cordoni is born. [2]
  • The autumn issue of Paradigma contains an article regarding the "Promethean Plague" and the true story behind the tales of Doctor Frankenstein.[3]
  • It's discovered that three bases in sequence encode a single amino acid in a protein. The genetic code is broken and determined to be the same in all life.[4]
  • The Virtual Adepts' five-year probationary period with the Traditions comes to an end.[5]
  • Dr. Jermyn Talbot takes a position as tutor in Persian at the University of London.[6]
  • Sandeep D'Souza takes a position as instructor of Sanskrit at the University of Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin).[7]
  • Autochthonia grows from a 65,536-sided shape into a shape 10 miles in diameter with 4,294,967,296 sides.[8]
  • Khuvon dis-incarnates, having completed his instruction of the nascent Thal'hun.[9]
  • Nu Ying is a skilled boxer by this time.[10]
  • Howard Hughes comes to Las Vegas, waging a one-man crusade to make a lady of the whore of Babylon. The ensuing bidding war prompts banks and corporations to look seriously at casinos as legitimate businesses.[11]
  • The Night of Rage: Anarch uprisings shake Chicago, fueled by the resentment of the Civil Rights Movement. The catalyst is the attack of Lodin and his Sheriff against a group of Brujah feared of conspiring against the prince.[12]

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References Edit

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