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Real life: 1958

Chronicles of Darkness: 1958

World of Darkness: 1958

Trinity Universe: 1958

Events Edit

  • The "Great Rudolfo" is ready to tour the world, with his "Amazing Feats of Mystic Wonder."[6]
  • Late in the decade, an entire generation of scientists learn to find unity in the vision of the Computer, fulfilling one of the dreams of Iteration X.[9][10]
  • The Vietnimh influence of Laos escalates into a full-scale occupation.[11]
  • Of the nine hotels opening between 1951 and now, all but one are bankrolled by the mob.[12]

May Edit

  • May 30: The grand opening of Santa Monica's Ocean House Hotel. Ed and his family arrive for a week-long stay. His wife loves it, and his children have been swimming all afternoon.[13]
  • May 31: Ed's family has been enjoying their time at the Ocean House Hotel. Although Ed keeps asking his wife about the locket her mother gave her. He seems to think it was given to her by a secret lover.[13]

June Edit

  • June 1: The sun is shining on the Ocean House Hotel, but Ed is on edge. He keeps asking his wife who her "new boyfriend" is.[13]
  • June 3: A picnic is held at the Ocean House Hotel, but Ed is in a dark mood. The only time his mood improves is when he discusses tools with the groundskeeper.[13]
  • June 4: Ed's family has two days left at the Ocean House Hotel, and cannot wait to leave. Ed won't talk to anyone, and spends his time holding and staring at his wife's locket. She's told him they can go, but he just shakes his head.[13]
  • June 5: Ed disappeared from the family's suite at the Ocean House Hotel early in the morning. Ed Jr. went in the basement to look for him, and Ed's wife was about to send her daughter Tiffany to look for him when Ed came through the door covered in blood, shouting about how they'd be together forever. The hotel later catches fire, and none of the family is seen again.[13]

December Edit

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