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Real life: 1957

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Trinity Universe: 1957

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  • The Majestic movie palace closes its doors forever. The marquee sign is bought by Arthur Smith at auction, and used for a diner in the East Village.[9]

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  • July 9: Douglas Streets of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power reports that he's been chosen to investigate the disappearance of sewermen Whitman, Price, and Haddad.[13]
  • July 10: Douglas Streets reports forays into the uncharted areas of the sewers are so far fruitless. City hall doesn't seem to have blueprints of the areas.[13]
  • July 11: Douglas Streets begins to explore the very oldest sections of sewer, and has been witness to inexplicable sights and sounds. Despite his discomfort, he will continue tomorrow.[13]
  • July 12: Douglas Streets has become extremely uncomfortable and has begun to think the missing men fell victim to some old and ancient evil. He'll report to the mayor and pray he is not taken for a madman.[13]
  • July 15: Douglas Streets writes that the mayor has wisely decided to seal up the older sections of the sewer. The public will be told that Whitman, Price, and Haddad fell victim to unsafe conditions of the older sections. Streets himself will resign from the LADWP, because he no longer wishes to work underground.[13]

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