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Trinity Universe: 1956

Events Edit

  • The better part of the Russian Children of Gaia are hunted down and slain by the Red Talons due to their failure to prevent Soviet development of atomic weapons. (Note: The massacre of the Children of Gaia may have begun some years prior - see the entry for year 1949 for comparison.)[1]
  • The human chromosome count is determined to be 46.[7]
  • Dr. Jarmyn Talbot is appointed Dean of the College of Linguistics for the first time. He authors three articles for the Winter issue of the Annual Proceedings of the Arcanum: "The Primal Tongue and its Significance," "Beyond Proto-Indo-European," and "Sanskrit Inscriptions in a Celtic Barrow: the Implications."[10]
  • Upon meditating on all the different words for "spider" in African languages, Rabbi Elihu Witz Awakens.[12]

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