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Events Edit

  • Intensive FBI investigations into mob operations in Las Vegas help flush out a lot of gangsters and crooks from the casino and hotel business.[1]
  • Franklin discovers that the DNA molecule has some kind of helix shape.[2]
  • Motorcycle gangs such as the Hell's Angels are on the rise.[5]
  • Glass Walkers begin making an effort to be present in Australia; prior to this, the country was considered too rural for the tribe to make themselves known in significant numbers.[17]
  • A “Great War on Wolves” begins in Russia; humans hunt wolves heavily. Red Talons take serious losses over next 50 years from it. Some Asian Red Talons get absorbed into other tribes.[19] An unknown supernatural power emanating out of Moscow is behind it.[19]
  • The Nagda-Rackbur War of the Khan, a conflict between Lord Rackbur and Sultan Amir Nagda of that tribe of Bastet rages and ends somewhere during this decade, having begun in 1947. The war escalates until the sultan abuses the tribal secrets of his people to slay a great many of his enemy's forces; horrified, the Bagheera assemble a war party and take the errant sultan down. By the end of the war, around 100 Khan had died along with a multitude of Kinfolk, leaving less than 20 of the tiger shifters alive worldwide, and the sultanate of the Khan ended with the treacherous Amir Nagda. The Bagheera dissolved the sultanate forever, after it had endured for over 1,000 years. [20][21]
  • In the wake of experiments involving birth defects, a fight breaks out among the Progenitors when the Genegineers declare themselves to be the only true scientists, and that Pharmacopeists are no better than witch doctors or Verbena.[24]
  • An agent named Karpov performs an assassination outside a subway in Bulgaria. As his target leaves the platform, Karpov bumps into him, drops his newspaper as a distraction, and as he picks it up, presses his umbrella tip into the target's thigh. The umbrella shot a poison-covered pellet into the target. Karpov was later apprehended. The incident is later given as a possible example of "coincidental magick" by the New World Order.[26] These "gadgets" become popular among agents during this decade.[27]
  • DSEATC cuts the size of the LERMU construction pool, and test runs begin to be more closely monitored.[30]
  • The Medeans experiment with plain-clothes police officers, but find that Concordia's population begins to resent the paranoia this engenders.[33]
  • Umbrood begin to regularly take on the appearance of "Gray" aliens.[41]
  • British astronomer Fred Hoyle theorizes the existence of vast oceans of oil on the surface of Venus, which could create massive drops of oil in the atmosphere, explaining the planet's cloud cover.[42]
  • "Saucer cults" begin to form among the Sleeper populace.[43]
  • Many young Verbena begin to openly recognize and identify with gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.[44]

Early 1950s Edit

Mid 1950s Edit

Late 1950s Edit

  • Natalia Kross rises to prominence in Hollywood, with her career lasting for the next decade.[6]
  • By late this decade, the Masses begin to suspect the activities of the Void Engineers.[50]
  • Late in the decade, an entire generation of scientists learn to find unity in the vision of the Computer, fulfilling one of the dreams of Iteration X.[50]
  • The Copa Showroom in Las Vegas' Sands Hotel and Casino plays host to the infamous Rat Pack.[57]

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