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  • 1947-1969: The U.S. Air Force investigates incidents of UFOs as a potential threat to national security.[1]
  • A partnership between Pentex Incorporated and the Sabbat forms, placing Harold Zettler on the board of directors. He will eventually become the Division director of the Special Projects Division (SPD), which includes such projects as Project Iliad and Project Odyssey.[2]
  • The Nagda-Rackbur War of the Khan begins this year. The conflict between Lord Rackbur and Sultan Amir Nagda will decimate the tiger-shifters.[3]
  • Quabbas' The March of Nine is published by Collegium Press.[4]
  • Rumours insist that Aleister Crowley is killed by the Virtual Adepts or New World Order agents, but nothing is proven.[5][6]
  • Elron Saine bani Thig creates Elron's Umbrood Protocol Schematic and Incantation Mentor.[7]
  • A Void Engineer spacecraft crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. The event proves disastrous to the Technocracy.[8][9][10] Cover-ups by the Void Engineers and New World Order keep the truth from the public, but sparks a UFO craze that persists through the rest of the century.[11]
  • Alan Turing proposes the idea of a Virtual Reality, a mirror to reality entirely within computers. The concept circumvents the careful planning of the Time Table.[8][12]
  • British India is split into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan.[13]
  • The UN suggest to partition Palestine between the Jews and Arabs. While the Jewish Agency accept it, the Arabs refuse and make clear that they would reject any future attempts of partition. Their refusal leads to a civil war.[14]
  • The Feng Tak Commerce Bank is founded in Hong Kong.[15]
  • The "Sleepytown" detainment camp completes its transformation into an idealized small town drenched in 1950's Americana.[16]
  • Timothy Washington is born.[17]
  • Dougal Mountain-Speaker and his pack revitalizes and reclaims a lost Uktena caern on Grandfather Mountain in Appalachia.[18]


  • Joe "Lucky Skunk" Ross chronicles "The Moons of Madness" for this month's Astonishing Science Stories, including a particularly spectacular (mis-use of Doc Eon's Time Watch. This may the first appearance of Wrinkle, who drags the Carmine Countessa into nothingness.[19]
  • June 20: Bugsy Siegel is killed in his living room, sustaining nine gunshots wounds.[20]


  • From this time until December 1969, the U.S. Air Force open Project Blue Book, with the purpose of tracking claims of UFOs and attempting to ascertain their veracity.[21]




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