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Trinity Universe: 1938

Events Edit

  • The Évian Conference. France, England, the United States, and several other European nations meet to discuss the problems of Jewish refugees from the Third Reich. It is decided to make no special allowances for them, sending most fleeing Jews back to Germany.[1]
  • LSD discovered. A variant, lysergic acid ethylamide (LAE-23), a.k.a. "pink" eventually appears. LAE-23 is eventually developed into the Weaver Device "Lucid."[2]

November Edit

  • Pisha is busy translating documents in Leipzig, Germany, by a purported Crusades-era necromancer. She feels an impending sense of doom, which becomes justified during the Kristallnacht.[10]
  • November 9: The Kristallnacht. SS, Gestapo, and Nazi party militants attack over 7,500 shops and synagogues. Thousands of Jews are imprisoned.[11]


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