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Real life: 1931

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Trinity Universe: 1931


  • The "Commission," a governing body for the Mafia, is formed by Lucky Luciano.[2]
  • A Void Engineer named Terrell Kree is blown off-course by a navigation error and rediscovers Qian-Chengshi orbiting the sun opposite Earth. Despite the centuries of isolation, the Construct still operates efficiently. Theorizing the inhabitants arise from the realm itself, Kree names them "Autochthonians", from which the realm's new nickname, Autochthonia, is derived.[4]
  • Hostilities between Chinese communists and nationalists cease so they can fight the Japanese invasion.[6] Japan occupies Manchuria, provoking the second Sino-Japanese War in 1937.[7]
  • Nevada legalizes casino gambling, easy divorces, prostitution and championship boxing matches (among other things).[8]


1930 20th century
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