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  • 1914-1918: The First World War begins.[1]
  • 1915-1917: The Ottoman Empire systematically eradicates most of its Armenian minority.[2]
  • 1916-1917: During the 12 Battles of the Isonzo in northern Italy, the weather begins to turn to the worst, resulting in more deaths from hypothermia on both sides than from enemy bullets. It results in the worst military defeat Italy ever suffered, with 275,000 prisoners made on that day.[3]
  • Numerous ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) die in the horribly mismanaged Dardanelles campaign.[4]
  • The Spanish Flu spreads over Europe thanks to the movement of troops during the war.[5]
  • Blood refrigeration for transfusion purposes is invented. [6]

Janurary Edit

  • January 22: William Dear writes a letter to his deceased brother Alexander, confessing that he has built an elaborate mechanical woman out of clockwork and leather. He does not, however, have the means to animate her. He also describes his first encounter with Sergeant Fox. [7]
  • January 23: Sergeant Fox introduces William Dear to Myles de Selby. De Selby invites Dear to accompany him on one of his missions to to explore the Infrastructure of the God-Machine.[8]
  • January 25: William Dear, Myles de Selby and Sergeant Fox enter a God-Machine facility through a portal in the countryside. Inside the facility, Fox transforms de Selby into something resembling a clockwork servitor and gives Dear a clockwork brain, before escorting him back home. When Dear inserts the brain into Mary, she is apparently transformed into a real human woman, though still with an obvious keyhole in her chest where she must be wound up. [9]

October Edit

  • October 9: A british soldier at the Somne named Graves sees a young recruit die during a gas attack.[10]
  • October 10: Graves records that three additional people had died. Suspiciously, they wore their gas masks and their faces are of a serene, alabaster complexion, with most of the blood removed. When the responsible Colonel, Siegfried Sassoon, went out to confront the perpetuator along with Graves, he is instead attacked by a green-skinned monstrosity. Sassoon and Graves survive thanks to a grenade that kills the monster, leaving only ash.[11]

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