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Events Edit

  • 1905-1907: Some of the worst floods ever to hit Nevada occur.[1]
  • The 32nd official meeting of the Camarilla's Inner Circle.[2]
  • The 49th Council of the Council of Nine meets in Horizon.[3]
  • Paradigma begins publication to members of the Sons of Ether. The magazine serves the Tradition by "publishing the results of Members' discoveries, research projects, and expeditions, adding to our knowledge of the Universe and Self." The journal publishes quarterly.[4] Professor Bastion Steadfast introduces the journal (and the Tradition) with an article entitled "A Mens Club for Adventurers of Science."[5]
  • The Pike's Place Market in Seattle is built.[6]
  • Eccentric violinist Dr. Paulinus Mercer and Ecstatic Isadora Duncan perform on a Paris stage. The concert hall reportedly flickers in and out of reality. Some of the audience goes mad, others begin to riot.[7]
  • The Federal Bureau of Reclamation surveys the Colorado River with the intent of beginning a major damming project.[8]
  • Financial crisis grips the nation, and Congress moves to federalize the banking system.[9]

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