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Chronicles of Darkness: 1885

World of Darkness: 1885

Trinity Universe: 1885


  • The American Society of Psychical Research is founded, with the goal to investigate topics such as dream research, near-death experiences, and clairvoyance.[1]
  • The Berlin Conference. European Nations gather to regulate the colonization of Africa. It is agreed to not openly antagonize other nation's claims.[2]




  • The formal structure of the Arcanum is established.[12]
  • December 25: Winthrop Murray writes of the Rituals of the Arcanum created by Benjamen Holmscroft. Much has been borrowed from the Hermetic Order of the Rising Day, but some seems new. Holmscroft claims they descend from the Mysteries of Eleusis and Orpheus and from the sacred cults of Isis and Osiris. Murray finds this hard to believe, since these traditions were purely oral. Likewise, Holmscroft insists the Rituals remain oral, and it is unlawful to repeat them outside their context.[13]
  • December 26: Winthrop Murray writes about having returned from the Initiation into the Arcanum, which was powerful and moving. Notably absent was Reverend Brown, who either had Yuletide Mass or refused to participate in a clearly pagan activity. Benjamen Holmscroft has announced that news of the Arcanum is spreading, and other scholars have expressed interest in joining.[13]


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